You can ask me anything. (Non-technical, that is. I still treat my laptop like a souped-up IBM Selectric, so if you ask me why some feature can't be embedded, I am going to say "Huh?")

But while you're thinking about what to ask me, let me ask you something.

If there was one thing you would change to make Daily Kos better, what would it be? One single thing. Not a score of things, not a dozen things, not three things. Just one.

And please, don't make this personal. There may be an individual here you'd like to see banned, who you think should have been banned five years ago. Keep it to yourself. If everybody that somebody here wanted gone were banned today, tomorrow the place would look like Congress on the Wednesday night before a four-day weekend.

I'll be here for a couple hours now and return after dinner.

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