That Texas Congress creep Louis Gohmert is stupider than pig-dribble is hardly news. Now Screwy Louis seems to have become trapped in a '...just like the Nazis' loop.

Affordable health care? Just like the Nazis; criticism of conservatives? Just like the Nazis; support for the Constitutional separation of Church and State? Just like the Nazis. Gay rights activists? Go on...guess. Well, you must be psychic because you're right: just like those pesky Nazis.

Speaking in the House on Friday, the shiny-headed addlepate said:

So it is amazing that in the name of liberality, in the name of being tolerant, this fascist intolerance has arisen. People that stand up and say, you know, I agree with the majority of Americans, I agree with Moses and Jesus that marriage was a man and a woman, now all of a sudden, people like me are considered haters, hate mongers, evil, which really is exactly what we've seen throughout our history as going back to the days of the Nazi takeover in Europe. What did they do? First, they would call people "haters" and "evil" and build up disdain for those people who held those opinions or religious views or religious heritage. And then the next came, well, those people are so evil and hateful, let's bring every book that they've written or has to do with them and let's start burning the books, because we can't tolerate their intolerance.
So...now we know. (buries face in hands while reaching for bottle of Old Crow)

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