Sign in Hanover County, VA declaring Eric Cantor to be  a RINO and not a conservative.
See this diary by lowkell for a rundown on what is going on in the VA 7th Congressional District Republican Party.  As can be seen from the sign, there are people in the 7th that are not at all happy with Rep. Cantor.  

Can't say that I'm any happier, but for very different reasons.

On June 10, 7th District Republicans will go to the polls to see who they will run this fall.  It's hard to see Cantor losing, but then again, his boy lost the Chairmanship of the district yesterday (see lowkell's diary mentioned above).

It appears that the June 10 primary may be the only voter challenge Cantor faces this year.  The only announced candidate for the Democratic spot on the ballot, Mike Dickinson, suddenly withdrew the day before the deadline to file.  As a result, the 7th District Democrats have cancelled their nominating convention (link).  For more see this.

More pictures of Hanover County signs below.

Sign in Hanover County, VA declaring Eric Cantor to be  a RINO and not a conservative.
The other side:
Sign in Hanover County, VA denouncing Eric Cantor's votes to authorize the TARP program.
The flag on the signs:
Flag on sign in Hanover County, VA.  
A few feet away, more signs:
Anti Eric Cantor sign in Hanover County, VA
May, 2014 Anti-Eric Cantor sign, Hanover, VA
Sign denouncing Eric Cantor for votign to raise the debt 10 times.
And then a mile away, more signs:
Patrick Henry Tea Party sign in Hanover, VA

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