The Rcons have set themselves for rout in November by playing politics with The Benghazi incident. By boycotting the select committee, as Assistant House leader Cong. Jim Clyburn has recommended...

The third-ranking member of the House Democratic leadership, Rep. James Clyburn, told reporters that he would be “dead set” against participating if the panel were uneven. “I’m not bringing a noose to my hanging,” he added. A majority of those speaking before the full Democratic caucus Wednesday made the case against participating, according to a leadership aide.
...  It means? Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic leadership and most skilled members will get prime time spots night after night to push-back, rebut and attack the predictable smears distortions and over-reach of the 'Republican hearings'. Which few will actually watch. but everybody will see Nancy Pelosi and the Administrations response with Senator Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden throwing in a punch or two.      
     It is the perfect vehicle to nationalize the election. Attacking on the issue of National security,  Republican fidelity, competence and ongoing grasp in foreign affairs.
    The hard national security record will also come out. Reagan's Beirut fiasco, losing over 300 sleeping marines. And, 9/11 will invariably come up. The public will be reminded of the three thousand souls that were sacrificed that terrible day in New York, Pennsylvania, DC. 'And who was in charge.'

        President Obama, once again, has chosen a wise and steady course of action. One, that values American blood and treasure over the kind of flashy bluster and blunder that lead to wasteful and expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
   Even in the Ukraine? Now it is Russian blood treasure and international prestige that is at risk.
      Leader Nancy Pelosi is 'the person', to lay that case out to the American people. Let her directly take on John Bohner! Night after night expose the true national danger of Mr. Bohner's simplistic Gerry-ship in the US House of Representatives. He lost the election by over a million votes and yet has the gall to ruthlessly wield this gavel.    
Ten years ago massive crowds were forming in European capitals and around the world to condemn the wars advocated by Cheney and pushed on a 'green' President Gorge Bush, in his first term.
       By the way, 'Can we believe.' President Gorge W. Bush now knows he should have followed the constitutional order and listened to the advice of Secretary of State Colin Powell. Who knows what he is talking about. Thankfully the advice of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the election of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of The United States House of Representatives, the first woman is history, finally got through to him. He fired Rumsfeld and distanced Cheney. Who became VP by taking advantage of 'a situation'.
  Aaron Burr?

After leaving Washington, Burr traveled west seeking new opportunities, both economic and political. His activities eventually led to...
 ...Although the subsequent trial resulted in acquittal, Burr's western schemes left him with large debts and few influential friends. In a final quest for grand opportunities, he left the United States      
    Today, the policies and presence of the Obamas on the world stage and the work of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry has kept the US out of several wars, reduced and 'smartened up' our footprint in active engagements.
  Leader Pelosi and her team are going to get a chance, night after night weekend after weekend, to push back on the kooky conspiracy mind set of today's GOP.

 "Beware the pine-tree's withered branch!
Beware the awful avalanche!"

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