House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio holds an on-camera briefing.
On the one hand, House Speaker John Boehner doesn't seem to care whether or not House Democrats participate in the GOP's #Benghazi panel...
Boehner insists he is moving ahead, saying Monday that a Democratic boycott “will not impede the investigation.” His office, though, would not say if Friday's proposal on the committee’s rules was their final offer or if talks with Democrats on the investigation's rules will continue.
...but on the other hand, it still seems like like he actually wants them to lend credibility to his party's farce:
“We’ve been having a discussion over the last four or five days over how witnesses will be handled, how documents will be handled, just trying to come to some understanding upfront of what I mean by fairness,” Boehner added.
Here's a hint: If it's not obvious what you mean by "fairness," then odds are pretty good that instead of being fair, you're trying to screw over the other side. Which, come to think of it, is probably exactly why Boehner needed this little #Benghazi adventure to distract his troops after he publicly mocked them last month.

And here's a hint to Democrats: The fact that Boehner says it doesn't matter whether you participate but still wants you as window-dressing is a pretty strong clue as to what you should do.

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