There is much complaining and  wringing of hands in the Kosmos over the Koch brothers over the financial contributions of the Koch brothers but to me this just raises the question where are all of our sugar daddies? Why can’t we pour money into some of our vulnerable states and buy a few elections just as they do. This isn’t about the moral high ground, it’s about winning elections, and to do that we need money. Find it over the fold.

It turns out that there are plenty of wealthy people on our team but we need to get some to increase their financial contributions so that we can compete in the elections. George Soros is not our only rich teammate. We have many celebrities on our side, each of which could easily toss a few million into a pack to win a designated seat.

Moreover, many of our elected officials are multimillionaires who could also donate large amounts of money to political action committees outside their own jurisdiction. Just take a look at the list here: http://www.celebritynetworth.com/.... We need to challenge these people to make significant contributions to the cause. We need to push our friends to buy some elections for us. Once Congress is again in our hands we can worry about reforming the system. Right now it is all about winning, by any means necessary. So let’s get of our friends for some serious money and go out and buy at least as many races as the dreaded Koch brothers.


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