Senator Marco Rubio of Florida speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, Maryland March 14, 2013. Two senators seen as possible candidates for the 2016 presidential election will address a conservative conference where Republicans will try to regroup on Thursday after their bruising election loss last year.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque  (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR3EZQO
Scientists marvel at howTea Party pressure has shrunk Rubio's Brain ... but screw Scientists
If you listen to the Beltway Stenographers Association, aka Politico, WaPo, The Hill etc. you have been inundated with the meme that the moderates are taking back the GOP (except where their million dollar men are getting stomped by Tea Baggers,  I see you Nebraska) and how they are listening to people of all shades of Orange and the youths.  Batshit cray-cray is so 2011 right?  Well here's "establishment pick" "the next Romney"  US Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, opening the fire hydrant of full strength Tea Party Nutsauce:
(Politico) In an interview with Sean Hannity on Wednesday afternoon, the Florida senator brushed off a backlash labeling him as a climate-change denier by aggressively accusing left-leaning critics as hypocrites given their abortion rights positions. He said emphatically that the “science is settled” that life begins at conception but that liberals “will never admit” to it...

...“Let me give you a bit of settled science that they’ll never admit to. The science is settled, it’s not even a consensus, it is a unanimity, that human life begins at conception,” Rubio said. “So I hope the next time someone wags their finger about science, they’ll ask one of these leaders on the left: ‘Do you agree with the consensus of science that human life begins at conception?’”

BA-BLA-BABBL-BLARGHHH!!!! (author spits coffee muttering: "What the frack is he talking about?)  So here is what he was talking about using the NutJob Translator:
Hannity:  So, how do you feel about the universal mockery of your total denial of fact in the face of nearly complete evidence that climate change will soon turn your state in to a coast to coast Sea World?

Rubio:  It is my right to be publicly totally wrong, because I am also wrong on something else and I want to emphasis that as STRONGLY AS POSSIBLE.

To his credit a zygote is created at the moment of inception, that would in fact be the definition of "inception" in human biology, and it is true that, although completely dependent on the body of it's "mother" (funny how they always happen to be chicks, huh?) these microscopic are genetically unique from the host.  However, I can pull millions of genetically unique organisms out of my ass (literally) that are far more advance.

Using my logic this should have been Hannity's followup question, and I SOOO would have paid him $5 if he said this:

"Help me Marco, HEELP MEEEE..."
Hannity - So Marco, if I'm hearing what you are saying correctly, you would gladly have the east coast of the United States transformed into an underwater garbage reef if it undermines your Freedom to force a woman to keep a tapeworm?  AmIRight?

Rubio - Yeah Sean, that pretty much nails it.

So this is the most rational, moderate, mainstream Dude the Party of the Bigoted, the Cruel and the Stupid can come up with?  I guess if you consider neandrathal Thom Tillis a victory for the "moderate establishment" then Rubio would still fall short of Crazy.  No wonder lifelong Republican CNBC money-talkers can't help but say there is no Republican Party anymore:

The notion that Reds have another 2010 in store this November is laughable because they have become a national joke.  Yes, Democratic enthusiasm is down but, compared to 2010, not as much as Republicans.  GOP intensity is falling because people like Brian Sullivan are giving up on them.   That's why Independents are more and more counted as "Republican leaning"  because they used to be Republicans!

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