Minnesota is about to become the 19th state that will allow medical marijuana.

 Gov. Mark Dayton said he would sign the legislation, which was closer to the House's more restrictive bill than the Senate's. Some patients lamented that the agreement doesn't allow them to use actual plant material — they instead can use the drug in oil, pill and vapor form — but others were overjoyed.
 It's the most restrictive medical marijuana law yet, but its better than nothing. New York appears to be close to approving its own law soon.
 Alaska will vote this November on the full legalization issue. Polls are favorable.
   Florida will vote on the medical marijuana issue. Polls are favorable.

  The movement towards legalization is progressing, but it is very regional.

 Dark green: States where voters approved marijuana legalization initiatives

Medium green: States where at least one public non-partisan poll found a majority of adults and/or voters support marijuana legalization

Light green: States where at least one poll commissioned by pro-drug reform found majority support for legalization, but there are no independent polls confirming the finding.

 Marijuana legalization is now viewed as inevitable by three-fourths of the population.

  Interestingly, marijuana is the only drug that gets any real support for legalization.

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