Just spotted this on the local news so this is going to be a quick diary, but once again we learn The Kids Are Alright.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is a private Catholic high school in San Francisco. Several months ago, students had their senior photos taken for the yearbook. However, one picture will be "altered".

The brother of Jessica Urbina, a senior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, told NBC Bay Area he was informed Thursday by someone at the school that his sister's picture would appear "altered" in the yearbook.
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Well, take a look at this lovely person in this Twitter photo:

Yes, Jessica Urbina broke the Commandment: "Thou shalt not wear a tuxedo if you are female."

Apparently, according to school policy, girls are to wear "drapes" for their senior photo, while boys are to wear a shirt, tie and jacket.

Now I remember my sisters' graduation photos -- they had to wear some sort of top that left them bare-shouldered, as if they were wearing a strapless dress. Thank goodness that tradition had gone in abeyance when I graduated in the late 1970s, as that would not have worked well for me at all; not only was I, well, quite well-developed in the mammary regions, I also had issues with acne on my shoulders and would have likely caused the photographer extra work in airbrushing that out. (As I recall, I wore a favorite blue jumper and turtleneck combination; photo day for us was a brisk fall day.)

When word of this got out, the students at Sacred Heart mobilized into action. Today, students showed up wearing ties with their normal clothing. Some sported assorted neckties; others went with classic bow ties. This one might have at least warmed the hearts of some of the administrators:

According to a statement from the principal:

Principal Gary Cannon told reporters, “Straight, gay, bi, transgender, all that. They’re all welcome at Sacred Heart Cathedral, and at the same time we’re going to be clear in terms of being a Catholic institution what the Catholic church teaches and how do we live out that faith in a meaningful way, and in a supportive way with all of our students.”
Funny, I don't remember anywhere in the Gospels where Jesus said, "Cursed be those who dress in clothing not of their gender, for they shall be cast out from My Father's presence." I seem to remember him being more concerned with what was in our hearts, not on our bodies. But I guess that's why I'm not Catholic.

On the plus side, the "controversy" has gotten the attention of administrators, who say they will review the policy. While it might be too late for Jessica to be portrayed in the yearbook the way she wishes, and the way she wants her classmates to remember her in future years, at least this situation might not happen for a future student.

As for Jessica, this on Twitter from her girlfriend:

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