Term limits for Congress has been written about five times here. I want to talk about it
for the sixth time. Why? it's that important.

On May 26th,a petition will start flowing on the internet. Term limits for Congress needs to happen now! One six year term for a Senator and four years for  House members.
Our President is allowed only two terms,why not Congress?

I understand some districts around this Country will ALWAYS vote Republican. In one
house district in Oregon,voters have not sent a Democrat to Congress in over 50 years.
If term limits were here, Democrats would have a chance every four years in the House.

Democrats could loose as well,but we need to do something now. I planned to write
a diary about falling down bridges recently. I'm glad I read the "Kos". A story about
bridges was on the front page.Thats okay,I can talk about our highway system built
during the Eisenhower administration. I can talk about no immigration bill,minimum wage,
I can talk about tank cars that carry oil. How many explosion's do we need or how
many more people must die before Railroad companies fix their problem. Any one
notice how much more oil is being produced in America? The fuel needs to be taken

I can talk about the minimum wage,immigration reform,Veterans problems, making
health care better,etc. I have a very long list of immediate problems that are being
ignored by Congress. expect nothing from them till after the November election.
Republicans want control of the Senate. All of us should give as much money as possible to every Democrat running for Congress this year.Having Republicans in control
of Congress will set this nation back 50 years. Battles over abortion rights,civil rights,
voting rights,reducing government benefits, ACA, will have have to be fought for again.
Roe vs Wade will be overturned. Women in this country should be scared as hell about
what Congress has in mind about freedoms they will no longer have.

Many districts in our states were fixed to help our enemy. Members can only work 112
days this year in the House because the Speaker sets the schedule.

Let's all sign the petition for term limits. Then  follow up to make sure term limits happen. Our Country is running out of time to be what it once was.

read below.

-If you can accept loss,you
can accept the fact that
there's gonna be the big loss.
Once you can accept that,
you can accept anything.

-Michael J Fox

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