The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has gone far in achieving its mission; in fact, too far.

NATO has violated its original purpose: to protect its members of the North Atlantic region from the "commies."

Article 1 of NATO's charter states that it will "settle any international dispute by peaceful means." But it's clear that NATO was designed for defensive purposes as stated in Article 5 and Article 6 for protecting Europe and North America against "an armed attack."  The treaty is geared towards having other "parties" further this objective, as stated in Article 10. In other words, imposing itself on other nations to become a "member" while protecting the North Atlantic area. New members, however, have been turned into virtual market satellites.

There are now 28 member nations in NATO, 11 of which were formerly socialist: Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Thus, rather than its function as a defensive force, NATO has been blatantly expansionist. Its objective to expand to, and over, Russia's borders is also clear. Its actions have spoken louder than its rhetoric.

The dissolution of the Soviet Union the early 1990s has given NATO, and in turn, U.S. interests, a chance to imitate the Gilded Age, with its imperial mindset. It interfered in the Yugoslavia civil war by contributing to breaking up the country with a bombardment campaign. Right-wing nationalists in areas such as Croatia benefitted and in turn declared "secession" from Yugoslavia. NATO's military campaign in Libya, led by Britain and France, gave religious fanatics the opportunity to overthrow leader Muammar Gaddafi. Then there's its involvement in the Afghanistan conflict, deploying troops, 99,000 who are U.S. troops. And now NATO is planning to use psyops (psychological operations) in Ukraine to put forth propaganda favorable to the fascist-influenced government.

The United States has had the leadership role in NATO since its inception as part of the United Nations. The U.S. government has handled accession agreements and ratification procedures. And the United States' objective of imperial domination has had a contributor in NATO. Coinciding with that is to push the model of neoliberal economics, where it looks like Ukraine will be the next victim. But, neoliberal policies have produced economic crises in the U.S. and Europe. Thus, it is a poor example of providing aid to Ukraine.

There is emphasis on freedom, peace and humanitarianism in the NATO Charter. But expansionism is evidently the priority. Max Forte, author of "Slouching Towards Sirte: NATO's War on Libya and Africa," uses the phrase "humanitarian” imperialism:

"...it can only function by first directly or indirectly creating the suffering of others, and by then seeing every hand as an outstretched hand, pleading or welcoming. We see (or imagine) helpless others, gobbling morsels of food we hand them, brown mouths chugging down water from our plastic bottles, and we feel accomplished. Our moral might is reaffirmed by the physical plight of others. Clearly, the humanitarian relation is not a relation between equals."

With the Cold War ended, NATO should have dissolved years ago, going by way of the Warsaw Pact. But fairness wasn't part of the objective. The current international situation has been a litmus test for NATO in its official role as a defensive force. In the article, "NATO's Core Function is to Advance U.S. Global Interests and Foreign Policy Goals," Kate Hudson makes a point reflecting NATO's failure to live up to its role. "Vigilante-style, [NATO] can ride roughshod over the qualms of the United Nations - and often the restrictions of international law - to assert its own view off peace and freedom."

Hudson also writes that "NATO's last leaders' summit in Portugal in November 2010 took the NATO vision beyond Eurasia, releasing a new strategic concept entitled 'Active Engagement, Modern Defense.' It recommitted to an expansive and interventionist military agenda with projected global reach."

Despite its continuing existence, NATO has outlived its purpose, and in turn its usefulness. It should share the same fate as the Warsaw Pact.

NATO has to go.

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