Leaders are as leaders do.

At Public Citizen's annual party, Sen Warren made remarks about trade bills, and the attitude of people in Congress.

It's a very short piece so it would be hard to quote it within copyright rules.

After referring, by industry name, to these leaches that plague us, she says how they are 'salivating at the chance to rig' the Trade Agreements. ("No one could have foreseen" we'll being hearing down the road someday.)

How she's been told by people on Capitol Hill that

‘[The Trade Agreements] have to be secret, because if the American people knew what was actually in them, they would be opposed.’”

The article concludes with her opinion that if the people of this country are opposed to a trade agreement, then that's end of story, don't make it Law.

Again, it's a very short piece, but it is packed with a lot more than I'd directly quote. Here's the link again

She sounds like some kind of radical to me. And I feel fine.

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