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Yesterdays New York Times had a piece on the vast Koch Brothers right-wing monstrosity running America now:

In 1985, the Kochs and a new adviser, Richard Fink, formed Citizens for a Sound Economy, a free enterprise-oriented group that evolved into Americans for Prosperity, the organization today led by David Koch that is the centerpiece of the brothers’ political activity. This year, it will spend a reported $125 million on the midterm elections, most of it aimed at defeating Democrats.

They have also worked to fulfill Charles Koch’s vision for a “well financed cadre” of free market proponents, funding think tanks and pro-free market research, endowing professorships, and providing money for internships and scholarships. Between 2007 and 2012, according to one analysis, Koch family foundations contributed $30.5 million to 221 colleges and universities.

Today, the donor club overseen by the Kochs, known as Freedom Partners, generates hundreds of millions of dollars each election cycle. Since 1980, the Republican Party has moved closer to the Koch family’s views on government regulation. Its rising members now court the Kochs and like-minded donors at twice-yearly “seminars” that the brothers organize. In 2012, David Koch was a delegate to the Republican National Convention.

But, tucked away in this article was a reference to what actually started all of this right-wing extremist Koch Brothers mess: The Lewis Powell Memo, which is a U.S. Chamber of Commerce distributed document from 1971, written by then corporate lawyer (and lifelong Democrat, and also later Supreme Court Justice appointed by Nixon) Lewis Powell Jr:

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