Recently, I began researching what I thought would be a funny, odd project about a couple of sociopath billionaires out to take over the country. Real knee-slapper.

Problem is, the more I researched the principals, the less funny it all seemed. Funny like cancer, you know?

In fact, I've come to believe these men are far and away the most dangerous and, yes, evil people on the planet, which they are doing all they can to make uninhabitable. They are, in my view, genocidal madmen who must be stopped if our descendants are to have any hope of decent lives.

I outlined my reasons for this conviction in a recent diary, "Sometimes Godwin's the Only Way to Go."

Others may see this as the hyperbole too familiar in political dialogue, but I am serious. I believe they are a force for evil and it is the duty of every conscious, feeling human to stop their insidious, hyper-funded crusade to destroy government, and civilization, as we know it.

This ad is the latest, though I promise not the last, of my contributions to this effort. I hope every person on this site will do all they can to educate their friends and neighbors on the importance of voting against those who carry water for these terrible men.

As always, a direct link to the video is provided.

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