Gearing up for Saturday’s March Against Monsanto, and already some of the opposition’s false flag operations are popping up on our local march Facebook page, in the form of a tin foil hat ear worm suggesting that Monsanto’s GMOs are designed to cull the population to reduce pressure on natural resources. Any activist who latches on to this meme of course will only discredit the movement.

Meanwhile, I will be wearing a sign saying “Ask Me Why”, and I will be carrying props in the form of healthy treats in an unmarked ziplock ( I will have the wrapper in my pocket) and offer to pop one in the questioner’s mouth if they close their eyes. They should say “no way” whereupon I will give them the rationale behind supporting State Sen. Frank Nicely’s  (R- 8th district) GMO required labeling bill now in the TN State Senate. GMO issues are far wider than just this bill, of course, but I will suggest this as a good place to start for newcomers to food activism.

The progress on labeling is all around us, as stores are filling up with more low sodium, gluten free, tree nut warnings, organic products, no high fructose corn syrup. This is just one more step in a movement that has considerable momentum.

I will report on our march next week. We have guest speakers lined up ( Senator Nicely spoke at last years event), an open mike, and workshop activities on, among other things, recognizing false flag infiltrators and legal rights and responsibilities. We fully expect Monsanto observers to be there as silent observers taking notes.

The weather looks to be sunny and warm, though it is a bit early for an accurate forecast.

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