“I actually like how Red Bull tastes” is the motto of a disillusioned generation addicted to the convenience of synthetic motivation.

Society: Stop doing that thing and do this thing we all decided to do or your Normal™ status may be revoked.

We need to stop calling women sluts. We’re basically saying hey stop trying to be super good at sex. removes monocle WHAT RIGHT DO WE HAVE

If someone’s worried about gluten, remind them that mankind’s survived sabertooth tigers, ice ages, two world wars, and The Black Eyed Peas.

You can tell someone’s a shitty person if they treat waiters badly or if they sacrifice a virgin on your good tablecloth.

We’re just collections of theoretical vibrating quantum strings trying to fuck other collections of theoretical vibrating quantum strings.

Regret should never be for yourself. Save that shit for people who were unlucky enough to cross your path.

Don't be a special snowflake melting in the grass, be a brutal fucking hailstone busting through the glass.

Sorry, but I'm gonna need a real good look at that ass before I kiss it.



I wonder if Jesus got teased for moving back home in his 30s?

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