U.S. President George W. Bush (L) puts his arm around White House advisor Karl Rove after Rove publicly announced his resignation on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, August 13, 2007. Bush and Rove departed for the Bush ranch in Texas toget
Karl Rove takes aim at the president:
Karl Rove is now attacking Barack Obama’s record — as a senator.

Appearing Thursday night on Fox News, the Republican strategist said he doesn’t know whether Obama “was paying much attention” while he served on the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

The issue is Rove's belief that Obama's sparse attendance record at Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearings while running for president speaks volumes about the current VA troubles. And if the "Obama doesn't bother to do his job as senator, how could he be president?" line of argument seems familiar to you, it's because it apparently comes from here:
...conservatives have begun to seize on a 2007 report from the liberal blog Daily Kos, which said that Obama missed more than half of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee’s meetings during the 109th Congress.
Just to be clear, this wasn't a diary written by Markos; it written by a (former) Kossack. And it came just days before the Iowa caucuses, when the 2008 primary battle was just heating up. It's a line of attack that's been tried again and again, and it never seems to work.

The reason is obvious: It's an irrelevant character attack. The question here isn't what President Obama did in 2006 or 2007 while he was a senator. It's whether he can fix the problems in the VA now that they've been exposed. And that's the only question that matters.

But it's nice to know Karl is reading Daily Kos. In fact, he should sign up for an account and write a diary. We'd love to have a chat with you. We've got so much to talk about.

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