31:00 in — Katsutaka Idogawa, Former Mayor of Futaba, Fukushima: In the midst of all this sorrow, Prime Minister Abe is facing outward and promoting exports of nuclear power plants. [...] As a Japanese citizen I am truly ashamed […] The contaminated water from the plant is polluting the Pacific Ocean more and more. I feel humiliated when Abe lies to the world, when he says the radioactive contamination is completely blocked from spreading further into the ocean. […] I urge the people of the world to take a look at us [...] We’re living in conditions that punish us for what happened. Our dreams, our children’s futures, out towns have all been destroyed. We’ve been swept to the very margins of Japanese society and told to live there in silence. [...] Nuclear facilities bring misfortune on human kind. We all need to raise our voices and demand a safe environment where we can live and children can have dreams. We inherited a clean environment from our parents, but I as a parent cannot pass along a clean and beautiful town to my own children. This sad situation can never happen again. Please, don’t just help us, please help human kind.
Water, water and more water flows into the reactors at Fukushima and comes out poisoned.  The apologists say don't worry the world has a lot of water and dilution is the solution.  

I say Cesium, Strontium and Plutonium can't be good no matter the concentration.  


I have some questions regarding this mess at Fukushima.

1.)  How is the Fukushima design better than Chernobyl?  Chernobyl blew up and poisoned everything around it but that was the end of the poisoning.  Fukushima is the gift that keeps giving.

2.)  Why does Fukushima need to be continually cooled with water.  Both Fukushima and Chernobyl are blobs of nuclear fission material in the ground.  Why does Fukushima need to be cooled but not Chernobyl?  How is this good design?

3.)  Why can't the excess water be kept out of Fukushima?  Why can't a wall be built around the reactors to keep out the water?  Are we just not spending enough money here to take care of the problem?

4:09 PM PT: I forgot to mention the ice wall being built.  Why not build a real wall?

Doe anybody think this ice wall thing will work?  And how come this wall wasn't built like three years ago?

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