Looking at the on-line edition of New York magazine, I came across this jewel (NOT!) of a You Tube.

Apparently the man doing the filming had the audacity to start his car in the presence of 2 children at a Dollar Store in Cheektowaga, NY, which is near Buffalo.  Yes, this might have startled them and worried their mother that they might have been in the path of a moving car.  

This is the reaction from the parent to this crime last Friday.

After claiming the guy startled her children when he started his vehicle, the human disgrace since identified as Janelle Ambrosia resorted to the racial slurs while her victim calmly turned on his video camera. What happens next will destroy your faith in white people.
Several prize Tweets follow, but one of the comments says they are from a sham account and not JA's.  

In any event, glad this guy exposed (probably not for the first time - she claims she strips for cops) Janelle for what she is, and that she has to do more than dye her hair to go out in public again without a disguise.  I'm sure this situation is not new to many of you, nor to me, but thanks to the driver who turned the tables on this out of control person.  Maybe some people will see themselves here and realize how ugly this behavior is.

Not sure it destroyed my faith in white people, as the magazine says  (strange thing to say??), but confirms the ignorant, racist element that exists in upstate NY.  These are too often the people that join/sympathize with the Tea Party, hate Pres Obama, and love their guns.  

This is just one reason I value DK (most of the time!  LOL!).

What an ugly person Janelle is.  

(Sorry I could not manage to embed the video directly - some practice runs are needed)

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