I used to be concerned about deposit laws on soft drink cans and bottles. I did. I was on the wrong side of the issue, because I worked for a major bottler of soft drinks. I really did care.

This is natural. Yeah, I feel a little guilty now, but I understand. I understand how your job can influence your thinking, your politics. It happens and it is natural and totally understandable. I only heard one side of the issue. Really, who in real life talks about deposit laws? It never came up in any conversation I ever had outside of my place of employment.

So let us all have a little empathy for the coal miners who fear carbon emission taxes (disclaimer: I am not a coal miner, not have ever been, but I am the descendant of coal miners and I have known many, many of them). They need to hear the other side. Oh, and it would be nice if somebody gave them an alternative to RISKING THEIR LIVES, way underground, in a place that no sane person would choose to be.

Please, let us never criticize the men and women who do the dangerous jobs that most of the rest of do not want to do. The jobs that these people doing, they do not want their children to do. They want better for their children. Hell, yes!

Why cannot we all give them better? Or at least, a better alternative narrative.

We can do that.

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