Paul Wellstone speaks on grassroots leadership in October 2002. Still right a dozen years later.

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2013Federal judge twice considered for Supreme Court said blacks and Latinos are more violence prone:

Where do these people come from? Why aren't they begging for spare change on street corners instead of drawing federal salaries? Never mind, that's rhetorical. We know where they come from.

Judge Edith Jones was appointed to the Fifth Circuit Court by none other than Ronald Reagan in 1985. And while most right-wing judges are smart enough to keep any racist views they may harbor to themselves, after 28 years on the bench, Jones apparently decided to let her freak flag fly. Fortunately, her alleged remarks at a February lecture at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law have sparked the filing of a complaint by a coalition of civil rights groups. The complaint says that her claims in the lecture, including the view that blacks and Latinos are more prone to violent behavior than other Americans, violated several of the canons of the Code of Conduct for U.S. Judges.

Jones's remarks were not recorded. But five students and an attorney in attendance at her lecture on the death penalty signed affidavits attesting to what she said.

Tweet of the Day.
racist 6 year old: "he doesn't know what he's saying!"
26 year old: "he's just young!"
86 year old: "he was born in a different time!"

On today's Kagro in the Morning show, after somehow getting distracted by story about a young Australian-born model/rapper, Greg Dworkin eventually got us back on track, and helps us avoid future time-wasting through @SavedYouAClick on Twitter. Ta-Nehisi Coates nods to the Black Kos reparations forum. Bergdahl roundup. Europe experiments with negative interest rates. Politicians scrub pro-Bergdahl messages. Ongoing shooting spree in Moncton, NB. What's up with the abdication of the Spanish king? GunFAIL victim's dad wants you to know "this could happen to anybody." Militarized police, technology & the search warrant explosion.

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