I just wrote a blog about the fake Washington scandal and hypocrisy ginned up around the ridiculous DC squealing accompanying the prisoner exchange to bring home Sgt. Bergdahl. I’ve been a little surprised at how welcome the blog has been received.

Clearly, there are a lot of folks who are disgusted with people of wealth and privilege who’ve never had a hard day in their lives debating on TV whether Sgt. Bergdahl was malnourished or just undernourished. Hearing fabulously wealthy Dianne Feinstein split those hairs reminds me of how little they understand or empathize with the way average Americans live. And it shows how little Congress cares about the American people.

Now if someone wants to talk desertion, let’s have a real discussion about treason against America and her people. Let’s talk about all the lies we’ve been told about wars of choice in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s revisit the war crimes. Let’s talk about economic treason and policies that intentionally impoverish the American people to transfer the wealth of the nation to the plutocracy.

The absolute idiocy and silliness of complete moral morons watching a videotape of the prisoner transfer and trying to diagnose in eight minutes the physical, mental, and emotional condition of an American soldier held in captivity for five years is truly degrading to the United States of America. And for elected assholes who’ve never really suffered to debate whether we should’ve let him suffer longer is almost too sickening to watch.

We need a deep and searching discussion of what values America really holds dear. We clearly don’t value our troops and our veterans.

We clearly no longer value equal opportunity, or economic fairness, or education and our children.

We no longer seem to value honesty, or democracy, or hard work, or the dignity of work, or respect for workers, or the environment, or our country’s future.

Image: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl on the 2013 Freedom Rock.

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