This will be short and oh so sweet.  I've been doing diaries on the OAS shenanigans over the past few weeks but they're down to about 10 people and it's all but dead.  This, however, is too good to ignore.

 A fellow known on FaceBook as Busta Troll has been "goating" some of the OAS pages after convincing admins he was one of them and they gave him privileges.  After goating an especially prominent OAS page, Operation American Spring III, a fellow name of Kevin Kopper, AKA Goat Hunter, started a movement called Dead Goat or some such thing.  He offered $1,000 to anyone who could out Mr. Troll.  He was very clear he wished to do Mr. Troll bodily harm.  Join me below the orange chemtrail for the Rest Of The Story.

At first Busta mocked Kopper's efforts.  Violent threats were posted on various OAS pages, including the goated ones.  About a week later, Mr. Troll announced he'd been outed by someone he'd thought was a friend.  Mr. Kopper and Co. had not only found out his name, but where he lived and where his children played soccer.  His wife was terrified to leave the house.  He would have to reconsider his efforts.  Two days later Busta's page was deactivated.  The OAS community was ecstatic, and several conservative outlets picked up on the celebration.  The evil troll had been banished and, surprising to me, Mr. Kopper paid the bounty.

Now for the good part.  Mr. Troll played an elaborate prank on all of us.  He used other identities  to out himself.  Not only that, he collected the bounty.  It is said (and I haven't confirmed it, but honestly haven't really tried) that he donated the money to Planned Parenthood.  The Pièce de résistance is ... Busta Troll then goated Kopper's FB page.  


Happy news and have a great weekend all.  

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