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Earlier today we saw some Senate Democrats embrace an attempt to expand Social Security benefits.
The new proposal is called the Retirement and Income Security Enhancements Act, or RAISE Act, and it would increase benefits specifically for groups who have seen their retirement security eroded by recent economic trends [...]
This is known as a no-brainer. Yet only "some" Democrats in the Senate have embraced it. It should be adopted by ALL Democrats. Why wouldn't you want to promise more stuff for the people most likely to vote, and people who genuinely need the extra help in these economic times?

Democrats appear more concerned about the Washington Post op-ed than in the people who could actually vote for them. As Atrios said:

It's a mystery to me how people are paid lots of money to tell candidates not to promise to give the elderly more and better benefits.
Seriously. Let Republicans argue for austerity. Let Republicans explain to seniors why they should keep voting GOP when it's Democrats who are offering them a better deal.

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