(Note: Yes, I'm Jewish myself, so this is indeed cause for celebration on my part.)

Yup, I just confirmed it:

Looking at the partisan breakdown of the various religious groups, Lutherans are almost evenly divided between the parties (52% Democrats and 48% Republicans). The other sizable Protestant groups (Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians and Episcopalians) – as well as Protestants as a whole – have more Republicans than Democrats. The same is true for Mormons; 12 of the 15 Mormon members of the new Congress are Republicans. Catholics are slightly tilted toward the Democrats (57%-43%). Jewish members are mostly Democratic (97%); in fact, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is the only Jewish Republican in Congress. The other non-Christian groups (Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Unitarians) are comprised exclusively of Democrats. All the members of Congress who did not specify a religion are also Democrats.

That's right. Eric Cantor is the only Republican member of Congress--in either the House or the Senate--who is Jewish.

For that matter, he's the only Republican member of either the House or Senate who isn't Christian.

Out of 278 Republicans (233 in the House, 45 in the Senate), every single one of them is either Protestant, Catholic or Mormon.

Meanwhile, the 255 Democrats in Congress are about 80% Christian, with the rest made up of Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Unitarians and so on.

I guess the GOP finally has things the way they want it.

* Thanks to ClydeGrubb in the comments for pointing out that there's nothing "Christian" about anything that the Congressional GOP caucus is doing. Added asterisk to title.

UPDATE: Just to clarify:

No, I'm not happy that the Republican Party is purging Jews.

I'm happy that the Jewish community has purged the Republican Party.

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