By now you have heard of Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat in his primary election.  
Here in VA, the local media is treating as the end of the world.  I do not particularly care whether you are happy or sad about this particular race.  What I do want to point out is that this particular primary election was decided by roughly 12% of the registered voters within that district.

VA US House district 7 had a total of 504,895 registered voters.  The actual number of votes cast yesterday was 65,008.   65,008 / 504,895 is 0.1287 or around 12% (with rounding 13%).  That is correct, only 13% of the registered voters in this house district – made the decision of who will represent them in Congress for the two years.  (Yes, there is still the actual election in November – but Eric Cantor will NOT be on the ballot in that election).

I am not a voter in that district, I suspect most of my family and friends are not voters in that district.  So I really could care less who will or will not serve as congressman in that district.  What I do wish to point out is that only 65,008 people turned out to vote because it was a primary and they SPOKE for the 504,895 registered voters who reside there.

I have said on many occasions, ALL Elections matter!  
Even these very small primary elections.

At that time EVERY US HOUSE seat is up for grabs! (It is very rare for a seat to be unchallenged).  With the US House sitting with an approval rating in the low 20% -- every single Incumbent should be shaking in their boots right now.  

Are They?

They know that they have a few people complain a bit.
They know they may even be challenged.

But they know most people are just too lazy to get out and vote.

They Know that those who do vote -- generally vote for a NAME they recognize.

Statistically, with this being an Off Year Election – over 60% of the registered voters in this country WILL NOT VOTE!  

Meaning, only 40% of registered voters will make the decision for everyone else.

Oh, Yes -- People will complain and bitch about what happens (or does not happen) in Congress.

BUT very FEW Americans will get out and VOTE -- especially in an off year election.


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