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June 2014
Not much to this Daily Bucket today - nothing was scheduled, so here ya go, some random photos. I am home since it was supposed to rain all day. Hah! It rained early in the morning and quite sunny now, but a huge mess of rain is off the Gulf Coast. Hate to lose a day since we are so close to finishing up the last section of Longleaf Pine restoration.

This is one huge fly. Big enough to catch and suck up a June bug.

Fly eating june bug

It let me get right up next to it with the camera but when I got too close, it did not move off very far.

Fly eating june bug

More below the fold including NSFW photo of Green Anoles getting it on, plus the usual wildflowers.

as promised. Note the color difference between the fully-engorged male and the submissive female. BUT I may be wrong about these gender assumptions.

Green Anoles getting it on.

Beautyberry in bloom. It's that time here in North Florida. Another month and they will be full of purple seeds and waiting for the winter birds to stop and pick them over. Most of my BB spread thru underground runners. I look out my windows and see dozens of these in the side yard. They favor a setting with partial sun. One of my friends from recent burns has been ripping them out as part of their restoration - a losing battle. Like invasive privet, any remaining root will resprout.

Beautyberry in bloom

Black-eyed Susan or Rudbeckia - I love this flower. Sure hope it reseeds. One of the few wildflowers that came up after broadcasting handfuls of seeds harvested from the local roadways. I firmly believe in this lazy method and that the seeds will figure out where they want to grow over time.

Rudbeckia or  Black-eyed Susan

That's it for me. Please jump in with comments and observations from your neck of the woods.

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