On his show 6/10/14, Rush Limbaugh ignored the recent mass shootings, failed to note a good guy with pepper spray took down a bad guy with a gun, and instead spent a good portion of his show weaving together conspiracy theories that have President Obama plotting to seize Dittos' guns as well as orchestrating the influx of kids coming over the border in order to push for amnesty.

President Obama's true purpose for the Fast & Furious effort, Limbaugh insists, was to get a lot of innocent people shot so people would rise up and demand everybody who owns a gun be required to surrender it. He's been terrifying Dittos for years that Obama is coming for their guns. He then suggested President Obama is flooding the border with tens of thousands of "immigrant refugee" children in order to raise sympathy for amnesty, in a similar vein. Guess he doesn't call them "illegals" if they're kids. Audio here.

All they wanted was the news to be filled with stories about guns, easily obtained in American gun stores, getting into the hands of drug cartel thugs being used to shoot innocent people. The thought was that you would rise up in righteous indignation and demand instant brand-new gun control laws where everybody who had a gun would have to surrender it.

It backfired, didn't work. The truth was learned, and everything I told you became public knowledge. Well, I think it's possible the same type of scheme is in play here with these kids, these refugee kids. I think maybe the Regime is thinking along the same lines. It's possible. Just an idea. You flood the southwestern United States with tens of thousands of the essence of innocence: Young children.

By definition, not self-sufficient; by definition, totally dependent; by definition, without their parents. You create, hopefully, in the public mind an outcry of outrage and sympathy. "How could we allow this to happen? We must do amnesty!" It could well be they're thinking the same theoretical thoughts with this as they did with Fast and Furious. Found here, on Mr. Limbaugh's website.

He often says President Obama is like Hitler, and sometimes like Hitler/Stalin/Castro. Combine his extremist rhetoric with his reckless conspiracy theories and his shilling for the NRA (he called their lack of response in the immediate days after Sandy Hook "classy"), and it's no small wonder there are so many worked up and overarmed nut jobs out there. It is a strong reason to keep volunteering for #StopRush (and we are all volunteers, by the way, no matter what Mr. Limbaugh would like to think). I am inspired by my heroes at the Southern Poverty Law Center, who risk their lives fighting the kind of extremist hatred Mr. Limbaugh and his rhetoric fuel.  Naturally, Mr. Limbaugh often attacks the SPLC.

Decent folks who believe in tolerance and equality are no longer powerless against Rush Limbaugh's efforts to spread intolerance on the radio.  StopRush is making a major impact by convincing advertisers on this show to withdraw their ads--and with your help we can do even more.  Just a few emails, tweets, or Facebook messages a week to Limbaugh's advertisers can go a long way toward making hatred less profitable.  It is our collective voice that makes us strong.  

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