Is this what we have really boiled down to?


I just got word of an EMERGENCY opportunity to crash one of Hillary's first book signings.

*BUT we have to act fast. CLICK HERE -- the next 12 hours are critical to pulling this off.*

You are one of Stop Hillary's most dedicated supporters -- that's why I'm writing you this urgent email today.

Hillary is going to be inside the D.C. Beltway this weekend signing her book. I know it is too short of notice to ask you to join us, but we have a way of getting you there electronically...

Here's how it works: You sign the petition and we'll add your name to a super-cut of our TV ad "So Help Us" as a special sponsor and petitioner of Stop Hillary PAC.

Look, I'm all for people using politics to get their message across, but here we have a group openly encouraging people to 'CRASH' a book signing event in Washington DC, and to back it up they plan to video tape it with a truck outside displaying their completely creepy ad (it's at the root of their website above)

To make things better, if you send them money, they will make sure your name scrolls on this screen so that everyone can see you, where you live on a giant big screen TV that tells them the people who sponsored an event aimed at crashing a book signing?

There just seems to be something very.. pitiful about this.

Your Email has been sent.