Whining Republicans (and a handful of Democrats) are climbing all over President Obama, SecDef Hagel and the Joint Chiefs, claiming they could have been trusted to keep a briefing on the proposed deal to free Bergdahl confidential in the interest of national security.



Per the National Journal:

• When pressed on whether he would have been willing to expose the proposal if the White House had  notified Congress in advance, Inhofe [Asshole-OK]* responded, "I would do anything that I could do to stop the White House from releasing these dangerous people on society."

• Senate Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Saxby Chambliss [Asshole-GA]* said if Congress received 30-day notification that these five Taliban prisoners were to be released from Guantanamo Bay, "I would have raised holy hell." When asked if he would have gone public with his "holy hell," he said, "Absolutely. I did last time and I would again."

• Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham [Asshole-SC]*, who has been very vocal against the deal, said earlier in the week, "I would have vehemently objected" if Congress had been notified. "It would have given us a chance to put our objections on record and said don't do this."

Stumbling, adolescent, treasonous jerkoffs!

*State representation added by myself as a public service

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