How many of you celebrate your birthday within a week or so of a gift giving holiday(ie; Christmas or Mother's Day and Father's Day)? I have two siblings who's birthday's fall really close to Christmas (14 Dec. and 1 Jan) as their sibling I never really felt sorry for them, but I'm sure they felt slighted. But then again, my family was never into making a big production about birthdays(There were seven of us. I guess it got old really quick with my Mom(birthday's fell in Jan, Mar, June, Aug, Oct. Nov. and Dec.) and on those down months we had their anniversary, Easter and Mother's day. Throw in the 4th of July and you hardly get your breath if you're making a big deal of birthdays and all of those other events.

I was born on Father's day (several years ago) and had commented to my Dad when I was old enough to appreciate it that; "It'd be pretty tough to top the Father's Day gift he had gotten from me the day I was born." He got it.

I never had kids of my own (unless you count the four-legged furry kind), so I never had to opportunity to share what my Dad shared with me. Don't get me wrong, my Dad was no sage. What he was was a kindhearted person who would give the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it. He was also a prankster and loved a good joke whether told or pulled.

My Dad also gave me the gene that made me and my sibling susceptible to kidney stones. He also had a temper which he passed on. I found a way to control mine (or I'd have been in jail many years ago), he struggled a bit. His lapses occurred in over punishing his children on some occasions. We all struggled with those events until we were old enough to  understand that he suffered from being ADD coupled with being bi-polar(which he passed down to at least one of his grandchildren. Which allowed her mother to understand her own father better).

I won't be celebrating Father's Day for myself but do wish all of you a very happy Father's Day. And for my Dad who passed 20 years ago; Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you and miss you!




On with the games!!  

Mojo Friday Guidelines

Disclaimer; Kinda like the Pirates Code, they're just guidelines, meant for fun. They aren't hard and fast rules.
1)   If you comment you have to recommend all comments. (in order to receive mojo you have to give mojo. It's only good mojo manners.)
2)  Everything you say may be taken as a joke (so if you ask a question, expect a silly answer)
3)  You must recommend the diary (and pimp it unapologetically)
4)  You don't have to comment to recommend.
5)  You can't steal my idea (right, like that ain't goin' to happen. It has in numerous forms, I'm flattered!)
6)  Mojo mojo mojo mojo, mojo mojo mojo.
7)  TexDem (that's me) is not bound by the guidelines. Neither are you

Mojo Friday Goals

Disclaimer; These are mostly here for nostalgia, the site has changed so much and the servers have been upgraded to the point I don't think we could fuck with the site with 1000 people participating. 2007 it ain't.
A. At least 300 different commenters and 1000 comments by 1:30 PM EST and 1500 by 5:00 PM EST Friday Night that it's posted.

B. 100 recommends for each comment, at least.

C. Stay on Recommend List at least five hours (this requires some strategic planning by you guys, refer to guideline #3)

D. At least 200 diary recommends. 300 would be better, spread the word.

E. And always, fun fun fun.

F. Have at least 75% average participation rate as seen here in the Mojo Friday Postgame Show by Woodtick and bjedward.

G. (New) Have at least 30 kossacks over 90% participation (see here for some tips).

H. Overload the servers with recommends, not to mention dominate Top Comments Mojo list. (we do tend to mess with the site with all of our recommends at one time)(also, to dominate the Top Comments Top Mojo we need at least 50 comments with over 200 recommends, see guideline B)

I. That's enough for now. (Have a suggestion? Post it.)    

MKinTN posted a diary to help everyone achieve greater success called How to Succeed at Mojo Friday Without Really Trying.    

For those of you new to MF (Mojo Friday) we have our own lingo about a few things. Thank's to MF'er Jez (the link will explain) go to this diary for a little more fun and explanation. Official Mojo Friday Snecktionary.    

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