Below the squiggle are two scenarios, but first here are some of the assumptions that they are based on:

The economy stays the same or gets better: economy tanking will drive more people to the extremist views.  All bets off.

The right wing media continues its promotion of conspiracy theories, fear and “revolution” (i.e. violence)

And, of course, constant obstructionism in Congress

So, scenario 1:

If, at the midterms, the extremists continue to elect more extremists or force more corporate republicans to hitch onto their agenda,

we will see in the next two years the very public  inability of the republicans to implement any of their policies.  

Which will lead  to:

Many of the republicans will get tired of always losing  and leave the electoral process .  

Others will find out that Obama's agenda is not the end of the world, just as people have found out that republicans lied about gay marriage.  

The extremists will find it even harder to fund their campaigns.

Then as we approach 2016,

there will be a republican panic to repudiate the extremists.

The republicans may pull together to defang the teaparty in time to put up a viable candidate in 2016, but it will be ugly, and may not succeed.  

Imagination fails me here to predict the abyss that will follow if the republicans don’t quell their extremists at the election.

Scenario 2:

If, at the midterms, the extremists lose elections

That will empower the Republicans to repudiate their policies  and search for a Republican candidate who understands the “ power structure”. Still doubtful that they will be able to find a candidate acceptable to some portion of the electorate.

Extremists will lose  many  supporters who are  tired of losing  and  will leave the electoral process

Remaining  extremists will become more vehemently violence prone.

Do these seem like probable outcomes?

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