Just wanted to get your attention - I found this on Twitter with a note that is probably a first, so I clicked over and I'm watching with great fascination. A few minutes ago, the announcer listed the order of dances as the President enters and the program proceeds. So there is more dancing to come, plus remarks by Pres. Obama. Watch live here:

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For the finicky: #PresResVisit is the tag I found this under in Twitter, sounds cool and helps diary get found.

1:43 PM PT: They just called the dancers in to be ready for the President's arrival.

2:33 PM PT: Pres. & Mrs. Obama  just entered - let the festivities begin!

2:57 PM PT: Tribal officials presented gifts - a beautiful dance shawl for Mrs. Obama and a magnificent red, white & blue star quilt.

3:13 PM PT: The event has concluded. Pres. Obama certainly received a warm welcome from the crowd, and the dancers brought smiles to many faces.

If I find a post event video, I'll to the diary for those who couldnt' watch in real time.


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