Hi beer lovers, happy Friday! Come on in and share a cold one with FNBB.

here's the World Cup connection, h/t Beerpulse as usual:

FIFA "pressured Brazil into passing a so-called Budweiser bill, allowing beer sales in soccer stadiums."

Brazilians are famous for their passion for soccer, though the fervor sometimes is so intense that people die. The country’s lawmakers banned alcohol at stadiums 11 years ago in effort to curb game-related violence.
But sponsors are much more important than mere local laws. Politifact's checkers found that although no one but John Oliver ever referred to it as the "Budweiser bill", FIFA had indeed told the Brazilians flatly that beer was a requirement if they wanted to host the Cup.
"Alcoholic drinks are part of the FIFA World Cup, so we’re going to have them,"[FIFA secretary general Jerome] Valcke said in January 2012. "Excuse me if I sound a bit arrogant, but that's something we won't negotiate."
Besides the American giant, Brazil's Brahma lager will be sold -- also a product owned by the InBev brewing empire.

Anyway, from what I've heard, ticket prices will effectively keep the local drunken troublemakers away from the games.

Are you watching futbol? If so tell us who you're rooting for. USA, or another underdog, or someone like Brazil with a chance to win? I don't care much about soccer, but the 2006 Cup was a good memory; I was still working for Siemens, and we must have had people from at least 8 countries rooting for their teams, just on my floor.

Sierra is on special this week so I have that IPA variety pack again. Good value for 12.99. What are you drinking? Who's brewing?

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