Happy Father's Day to those of the paternal persuasion! Tonight's puzzle marks a milestone for someone who made a fine choice to be a father of three. If you're off opening (or giving) ties and eating cake, we hope you'll come back later to join in the puzzling.

There's a new JulieCrostic below, with the usual rules. New puzzlers can find an explanation of the puzzle type and rules in yesterday's Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up. As always, please keep the subject lines free of spoilers so latecomers can work the puzzle on their own time.

The third Sunday jumped up and bit me this month, but that's a good thing -- it gave the gremlins hardly any time to do their dirty work. Enjoy!

1.    some kind of glove
2.    Dodge's boy saves it here:

3.     finished a cartoon draft
4.     what conservadarling Carson did to a classmate - career inspiration?
5.     some kind of wonderful
6.     Andie was pretty in pink there
7.     saunter, for Andre the Giant or Bigfoot
8.     wary buyer
9.     sum kind of bulb
10.    some skirts fit this description
11.    go out on a limb or the whole nine yards or run out of steam
12.    feudal Japanese landowner
13.    some kind of pen
14.    some kind of fail
15.    some times it's right
16.    if you want to extend a hand to someone, you'll probably need this
17.    foxx star turn
18.    some fish; some computers
19.    carnation burner, a Daily Kos fave
20.    fragrant adjective for wine and closets
21.    Lambert
22.    foot model
23.    like many Republican ideas
24.    changes

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