I appreciate everyone who was dismayed about Hillary voting for the Iraq war. However, I'm an old timey guy, and I decided a long time ago my priority was to fight my own war at the point of production, in the work place.

So I always voted Democrat, because it was less likely that Democrat politicians would order the police to murder and beat up striking workers, than would Republicans. I've been disappointed by Governor Babbit during the Phelps-Dodge strike masterminded by Ann Coulter's father, and Governor Perpich during the Hormel Strike, but still I'm 100% a Democrat.

Continue below the orange twist for a twisted tale that touched on Hillary.

In the early 1980s, I was a happy-go-lucky guy with a driver job at teamster wages, a rent-controlled apartment and a vintage Mercedes. Life was good until my boss hired attorneys that specialized in breaking unions. They broke mine, I ended up working for minimum wage in a pinball parlor, and sold the Benz.

I vowed revenge on the whole industry of union busting attorneys, and joined forces with kindred spirits. We researched the laws they were breaking. I ended up working for two fine Congress members, Harold Ford from Michigan and William Clay from St. Louis,  and we presented our findings to Congressional Oversight Hearings in 1984.  Eventually the Labor Department began enforcing those laws, which required anyone who participated in anti-union campaigns for employers, to file reports detailing their odious activities.

I seethed with contempt for those management attorneys, especially the ones who exploited their god-given and school-learned abilities to speak well, but instead turned their gifts to evil, and used their skills to actually meet with workers who wanted to unionize, and delivered fire-breathing speeches and threatened dire consequences for those high-school-grad, manual laborers who just wanted another 50 cents an hour.

It was hard to make much progress to enforce these laws with the Labor Department under Reagan and Bush the First, so I was overjoyed when it looked like Clinton might become President.

And I read about the Clintons, and Hillary's tenure at the Rose Law Firm. The F------g Rose Law Firm. I knew the Rose Law Firm. One of Hillary's partners there was Tim Boe, now known as one of the best lawyers in America; a super-lawyer.

To me, Boe is a worthless ass.

When the poorly-paid workers at Monark Boats in Arkansas tried to organize a union, the company hired Tim Boe. He had the gall to speak personally to a "captive" meeting of the workers, and in a speech interlaced with vague threats and veiled promises, he sought to persuade those working class folks not to unionize.

He wasn't as brilliant a speaker as he thought.  The workers still voted 77-57 to join the union. But Boe wouldn't give up.  He filed objections, and filed appeals, and six years after the workers voted for the union, Monark Boats was still refusing to even meet with the union.

The Labor Department eventually came after Boe, for directly threatening the workers with an anti-union speech, and filed a court complaint to force him to file reports on his regretful activities.

To me, that's the bad thing Hillary did.  While Democrats like Reps. Clay and Ford were helping workers fight scum like Boe, Hillary was taking on Boe as a law firm partner.

However, I'll still vote for her for President, although it makes me a little sad to think about it.

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