It could mean any of many things!

  • I thoroughly agree with what you said!
  • Hi - nice to see you but no time to chat
  • I'm recc'ing your tip jar to show appreciation for the diary, but I'm not recc'ing the diary because it's already been on the Rec list for two days
  • I don't agree with what you've said, but you make a clear and civil case for it
  • You made a sincere apology for something
  • I've read your reply to my comment
  • You're a civil guest in my diary
And clearly several can be true at once.

Ah, but what if I don't recommend your comment? What does that mean?

  • I'm not around right now - possibly biking, possibly scrubbing out the toilet. Something that involves muscles and tendons.
  • The diary has so many comments that I didn't get down that far
  • I visited the diary before you wrote your comment
  • You made a great point, but you closed it with an insult
  • I disagree with what you've said but for any of many reasons choose not to reply to it
  • I'm on a mobile device and not recc'ing many comments

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