H/t a tweet from Hayes Brown (@HayesBrown). From Think Progress:

A new poll released on Tuesday morning shows that while Americans want to help Iraq in its struggle against the militants that have taken over numerous cities and villages in the last week, there’s little support for reinserting ground troops into the situation.

It’s in that context that the poll, released on Tuesday from Public Policy Polling (PPP), surveyed 790 registered voters over the weekend. The result: many more Americans prefer the policies of President Obama in this instance, over the suggestions of neoconservatives like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). “In order to deal with the crisis in Iraq, do you support or oppose sending combat troops to Iraq?” the poll asked, with 74 percent opposing the idea and only 16 percent supporting. While the poll was commissioned by a group against intervention, Americans United for Change, the question’s sentiment easily crossed party lines, with 57 percent of Republicans telling PPP that they’re against sending in combat troops.


Importantly, only 20 percent of those surveyed agreed with the idea that the current situation in Iraq is the fault of the U.S. removing its troops in 2011. Instead, 67 percent of them agreed more with the statement “the renewed fighting in Iraq results from a dysfunctional Iraqi government, and is rooted in centuries of sectarian conflict that intensified enormously because of the invasion of Iraq to find weapons of mass destruction, that proved to be nonexistent.”


Folks like old man McCain, saliva-hair Wolfowitz and other neocon superpalz™ are welcome to continue their misguided bloviations on the news, but they do so at their own electoral peril.

The complete PPP poll results are here:

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