Hillary was inevitable in 2008, until she proved to be unable to say three simple words, "I was wrong," about invading Iraq.

Well, it looks like she is hip deep in justifying the clusterfuck that was her 2008 campaign:

Explaining her hesitation to renounce her vote in favor of the Iraq War, Hillary Clinton said Monday that she didn't want to "break faith with" the U.S. military.

The remarks gave a little more context to Clinton's admission in her new book that voting for the Iraq War in 2002 was "wrong. Plain and simple."

Backtracking on the vote earlier would have been the "smart political decision," Clinton told a Toronto business group on Monday during her ongoing book tour. But she explained why she felt she couldn't.


"So I felt like I couldn’t break faith with them," she continued. "Maybe that doesn’t make sense to anybody else but me, but that’s how I felt about it. So I kept temporizing and I kept avoiding saying it because I didn’t want there to be any feeling that I was backing off or undercutting my support for this very difficult mission in Iraq."

Clinton wrote in her new book that she "got it wrong" on Iraq with her 2002 vote. But she said on Monday that her apparent hesitation to recant the vote was not a political calculation.

Once again, we are seeing pressures to use the military in Iraq.

We are also seeing this with Iran.

If there is ANYTHING that we have learned about the clusterfuck in the fertile crescent, it is that a leader must be willing to say, without qualification, "I fucked up."

Anything else has us going back into Iraq, etc.

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