Fox News Channel Chyron with host Martha Macallum and guest Andy Card:
Andy Card, the Bush chief of staff who sold the Iraq War after 9/11 like it was a box of Kleenex

Iraq's in turmoil, so what does the media do? They turn their attention to the guys who led us into a war we never should have fought, because they are experts, or something like that.

It's not just Fox. Sure, yesterday they waxed poetic about the genius of George W. Bush warning the country about how withdrawing troops from Iraq could lead to instability. (Funny how Bush forgot to mention that invading Iraq also caused instability.) And yes, they invited John Bolton on air to share his expertise with their audience.

But MSNBC also brought Paul Wolfowitz onto its network to discuss Iraq—and they did so literally at the same time. CNN invited Paul Bremer on to talk about the situation there, but at least they did confront him with the fact that his war policy utterly failed.

The New York Daily News gave Frederick Kagan column space to argue for "re-entering" the war in Iraq, David Gregory put Wolfowitz on Meet the Press, ABC put Bill Kristol on This Week, Politico gave Douglas Feith a platform, and the Wall Street Journal gave Bremer a column to discuss his views, and CBS put Iraq War cheerleader Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on its Sunday show.

You know what? Rather than listen to these clowns, I think I'd rather listen to one of the few elected officials who actually got things right back then. Fortunately, the public seems to agree.

As this tweet makes clear, the decision really isn't that hard:

"Coming up next, Bill Buckner will give us advice on how to make routine plays under intense pressure." - if ESPN was like cable news
Actually, that's not completely fair, because Buckner was a good guy and good player who made one terrible mistake. But if Buckner couldn't live it down, why on Earth are these guys getting away with it?


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