It's OK to make the mentally interesting figures of fun, but for God's sake, don't disparage a dead DJ.

News item making its way all around the Internet:

Floor collapses at Cheshire home, woman dead

Published: June 14, 2014 | Last Modified: June 16, 2014 10:24AM
By Mary Ellen Godin and Jeff Gebeau Record-Journal staff
CHESHIRE — A 66-year-old woman who lived alone in her 22 Winslow Road home was found dead Saturday in the basement under a pile of debris after a day-long search.

Police responded to a call for a welfare check on Beverly Mitchell Friday after a postal carrier found mail had piled up at the home for about a week and a half. The investigation is ongoing and being treated as a hazmat situation.

 Police determined that there was a structural collapse of the first floor based on the weight of the content of the house.

“The floor gave way and collapsed into the basement. The contents of that room caved in on top of her,” said Sgt. Kevin O’Donnell.

The article continues at The Cheshire Citizen‘s website.

The reason why the story is getting shared from the ISS to the Mariana Trench is because the late Beverly Mitchell was a hoarder.  Hah-hah, the crazy lady died in an ironic way.  Isn’t that so fucking funny?

What’s really fucking funny is the same people who are laughing at Beverly Mitchell’s death are sputtering in righteous indignation when people link to clips of the equally recently dead Casey Kasem losing it on America's Top 40 or while doing station promos.

The thing is, Mr. Kasem had good reason to get pissed off.  Going from an up-tempo song to a dedication for a family’s dead pet is idiotic.  And he had no idea if a station really was the most-listened-to in their market like they claimed.  Who cares how he expressed it?  These outtakes not only humanize him, they show how much fucking integrity the guy had.  They make him less of an other.  Whereas pointing out how hilarious it was that the reclusive Beverly Mitchell died because all of her shit weighed too much for the floor of her house to hold dehumanizes her.  If Casey Kasem were still alive he would probably hate how all those assholes are laughing at Beverly Mitchell.

Where’s NAMBLA NAMI?  As silent as ever.  It’s like they want us to be helpless and afraid of how we’re treated by all those meanies on teh intertwits.

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