Listening to hate radio talker Mark Levin promote a free summer online college course through Hillsdale University promoting "great works of literature" (among which he lists Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," Dantes' "Inferno" and even "The Book of Job" from the Old Testament), it only dawned on me what seemed out of place about this course of study.

This is being promoted as a series of in-depth lectures examining seminal pieces of historic literature - mostly from a rabidly right wing point of view. Not surprising from someone like Mr. Levin.

But none of that bothered me until I realized there was no requirement to actually read the book.

This means that, over a course of a dozen or so weeks, participants will get ONE perspective on these historic works of fiction and (upon passing a test to ascertain how well they have ingested this ONE point of view) graduate as "informed experts" on these works of literature without ever having read the book.

This is what passes for "education" in Conservative world.

But the rest of us can call it what it is - right wing indoctrination.

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