This is just a laundry list—no development and no particular order, just issues I care about deeply. It’s a product of frustration and anger about many things I’d like to write about in detail but don’t have time, so I just want to get them off my chest. It’s by no means a complete list—just a kind of brainstorming.

1.    An end to voter id laws
2.    Public funding of elections
3.    Fair structuring of election districts
4.    An end to all oil and gas subsidies
5.    A carbon tax equal to the true cost of carbon
6.    Expulsion of mining and drilling companies from federal land
7.    Vigorous expansion of renewable energy, including substantial subsidies
8.    Significant expansion of public transportation
9.    Military disarmament and an end to US offensive wars
10.    De-militarization of police departments
11.    Establishment of publicly owned banks
12.    Tax reform: taxes on wealth and financial transactions, along with significantly increased estate and capital gains taxes (geared to income) and substantial increases in the top marginal income tax rate
13.    Repudiation of all odious debt (hope to have more on this soon in a separate post)
14.    Arrest of corporate leaders whose financial institutions contributed to the 2007-08 financial collapse
15.    Repudiation of so-called trade deals that amount to gifts to multi-national corporations (e.g. NAFTA)
16.    Arrest and trial of US citizens who move their wealth offshore.
17.    Substantial tariff and tax increases for companies who move jobs offshore
18.    An end to all forms of corporate welfare
19.    Initiative and referendum in all states and municipalities
20.    An end to disenfranchisement for released felons
21.    Substantial subsidies for mothers
22.    Increased support for small farmers and small businesses and an end to support and subsidies for large corporations
23.    Enforcement of anti-trust laws
24.    Reinstatement of Glass-Steagall
25.    A $15 per hour minimum wage
26.    Public ownership of utilities and the internet
27.    Serious enforcement of worker protections
28.    De-criminalizing marijuana
29.    An end to mandatory sentencing
30.    An end to public funding of private prisons
31.    An end to public funding of private schools
32.    A movement to build a truly local, small business economy
33.    A movement to create local, worker- or community-owned businesses
34.    Firearm registration and outlawing of privately owned assault rifles and other firearms not legally usable for hunting on federal and state lands

So what should we add?

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