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Seven states are holding primaries or runoffs tonight. Our guide to the key races can be found here. Oklahoma will hold a runoff on Aug. 26 in races where no candidate wins more than 50 percent tonight. We'll be bringing you tonight's results as they come in, and you can keep track of all the winners just below:
Results & Poll Closing Times (all times Eastern):

Colorado (9 PM) | Maryland (8 PM) | Mississippi (8 PM) | New York (9 PM)
Oklahoma (8 PM) | South Carolina (7 PM) | Utah (10 PM)

8:11 PM PT (David Jarman): MS-Sen: And the inevitable coup de grace has happened: the AP has called the Senate runoff for Thad Cochran, leading 51-49, with about a 5,000 vote margin. This probably takes the race off the table in November for Travis Childers and the Democrats, but at the same time, it means one less loudmouth on Team Cruz/Lee, so it's a good source for mixed feelings.

8:13 PM PT: NY-13: Most of the remaining vote seems to be in Harlem. Very good for Rangel.

8:14 PM PT: NY-13:

.@BKcolin breakdown is interesting. Rangel gets more votes in Hispanic areas than Espaillat in Black areas.

8:19 PM PT: MD-AG: One senator didn't have such a great night. Maryland's Ben Cardin wasn't on the ballot but his nephew Del. Jon Cardin was. Jon looked like the frontrunner for Attorney General but lost 49-32 to state Sen. Brian Frosh.

8:22 PM PT: NY-13: Rangel is doing well in Spanish Harlem, a heavily Puerto Rican area. Good reminder that this contest couldn't just be broken down as a black candidate against a Hispanic candidate. Rangel being half Puerto Rican probably didn't hurt either.

8:25 PM PT: NY-22: Hanna up 53-47, with 95 percent in. Hanna and his allies took this race seriously even before Cantor lost, and that probably made all the difference.

8:27 PM PT: CO-05: As for people who did not take their race seriously, Lamborn is still up 52-48, now with 70 percent in. Small Park County went big for Lamborn. Rayburn needs what's left of El Paso to be really good for him, and a good margin out of Chaffee.

8:29 PM PT: NY-22: The AP has called this for Hanna. Up 53-47 with almost all in.

8:32 PM PT: CO-05:

They're currently on the first ever entirely-legal ganja break in #CO05. (Still 52 Lamborn, 48 Rayburn.)

8:39 PM PT: CO-05: El Paso County has all their votes in, giving Lamborn a 52-48 lead district-wide. Only small Chaffee County is out and unless it utterly despises him, he's won.

8:48 PM PT (David Nir): The liveblog continues here.

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