Having failed miserably in each of his fabricated 'investigations', Rep. Darrell Issa (Criminal-CA) is reported to be planning to subpoena every major newspaper and television news outlet in the United States.

At the conclusion of today's GOP hit-job on IRS Commissioner John Koskinen which obsessed on Lois Lerner's missing e-mails (due to a hard drive crash which predated Issa's IRS 'investigation'), Issa announced that he's about to open a new investigation of the entire news media — print and broadcast — for failing to report the "social welfare" activities of 'Tea Party' groups.

"We have information clearly suggesting that Tea Party groups are primarily engaged in 'social welfare' activities including visits to the frail-elderly in nursing homes, volunteer clean-ups of children's parks and operating food pantries for the poor," he asserted. "Yet, all the press reports is the active involvement of Tea Party groups in political campaigns."

Issa claims this is a press conspiracy designed to portray the 501(c)(4) tax-exempt groups as in violation of both the law and IRS regulations.

"We know what the press is up to, and we plan to prove it!", he exclaimed.

The chairman refused to comment on charges that, in a special arrangement with the RNC, his Oversight Committee was deliberately assigned the most obnoxious, nasty GOP cretins the party has to offer, including Trey Gowdy (Scumbag-SC), Jim Jordan (Scumbag-OH), John Mica (Scumbag-FL), Blake Farenthold (Imbecile-TX) and Jason Chaffetz (Arrogant Snot-UT).

It's been reported that Issa — who boasts his own impressive criminal record — agreed to accept the chairmanship and conduct Committee sessions like star-chamber proceedings only if he was provided the most odious majority members the RNC could scrape up.

Issa angrily reacted to a reporter's question concerning the alleged agreement, barking, "Who told you that? I'll fuckin' subpoena the bastard!"

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