According to Pew Research:

Less than half (47%) of Cuban registered voters nationwide now say they identify with or lean toward the Republican Party—down from the 64% who said the same about the GOP a decade ago, according to 2013 survey data. Meanwhile, the share of Cubans who identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party has doubled from 22% to 44% over the same time period, according to the survey of Hispanics.

The shift is partly explained by the coming of age of U.S.-born Cubans, who have somewhat different political affiliations than their elders. Today, 44% of Cubans in the U.S. are native-born. Some 48% of Cubans ages 18 to 49 were born in the U.S., compared with 11% of Cubans who are 50 years and older.

The shift is also partly explained by the different waves of Cuban immigrants who have arrived in the U.S.—more than half of Cuban immigrants arrived after 1990. Between 2000 and 2010, the annual average growth of the Cuban immigrant population was 17,300, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data.

Looking at all Cubans, including those not registered to vote, only a third say they identify with or lean toward the Republican Party, according to the 2013 survey of Hispanics. On the other side of the aisle, some 48% of Cubans today say they identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party.

This pretty astounding because in 2004, George W. Bush won 78% of the Cuban vote. In 2012, Mitt Romney and Obama split the vote with Romney at 49% and Obama with 49%.

Today an estimated 2 million Latinos of Cuban origin live in the U.S. and 67 percent of those live in Florida. While Cubans form less than 4 percent of the total Latino population in the U.S. they are among the most politically active and were of great value to the Republican Party in a crucial swing state for presidential elections.

I am hoping with these numbers we can get Rubio out in 2016. He did not win the majority of the Florida vote, it was split with Crist and Meeks. (Democratic and other Independents were split between Crist and Meek. Rubio went on to win the election with 49% of the vote to Crist's 30% and Meek's 20%)

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