Imagine you are a teen in the rural state of South Dakota seeking work. And you find a job. It isn't a great job but it is work, work that will allow you to provide for yourself and your family, as intended.

But when you go to work you find the management has a different idea of how employees should be treated. You suck up verbal mistreatment because you need a job and the economy isn't getting any better.

But it gets worse.

Your manager hands you a name tag. The manager insists you wear the name tag. But it isn't your name. Instead it is a contraction of two insults demeaning to the populations referenced.

You have to wear it or your ability to feed yourself may suddenly be cut off. So you do, as staff and customers are reading your name tag you just melt in shame, as intended. (You are a teen, remember? Everything is more intense as a teen so your embarrassment is even more demeaning)

A 16-year-old took a job at a South Dakota Taco John’s, but didn’t sign on for verbal abuse from his manager. Finally, he says, the worst insult came earlier this week when his manager handed him a nametag with “♡GAYTARD♡” printed on it and forced him to wear it for his whole shift, including in front of customers.

The word, a combination of “gay” and “retard,” should be offensive to all human beings, and certainly should never have been inflicted on a gay teen by his boss. The ex-employee claims that his manager was verbally abusive to him from the beginning. “I’ve been very vulnerable and I’ve been allowing him to say things to me that shouldn’t be said,” he told TV station KELO.

Of course they are going to say they didn't do it. Did you expect a confession?


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