With the Teabaggers in Mississippi foaming at the mouth slightly more than usual after Thad Cochran won the run-off with Democratic help, trying anything their lawyers can bill for to overturn the outcome, it is incumbent on us to help our more
insane brethren out.

Mississippi Republicans reliably cast about 55% of all votes in Misssissippi; evenly split between Cochran and McDaniel would yield about 28% each, where Democrats can fairly easily muster 40%.

Most Kossacks don't live in or near Mississippi, but that doesn't mean they can't play...

Due to its shape and location a LOT of folks will cross some part of Mississippi between now and November. I'm inviting them all to exercise their creativity and create one or more "WRITE IN CHRIS!" campaign signs to post when they pass through (or give to somebody else going that way). Sparkly, shiny, plain, it doesn't matter. If your exclamation point looks a bit like a "T"...

Be mindful of where you post your signs, don't want to block views of traffic; I'd just look for other campaign signs and join in.

If we try we can help Mississippi Teabaggers win a moral victory by getting more votes than Thad Cochran in November; it's merely incidental that the Senate seat would be won by a Democrat.

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