Wisconsin Democrats put out a web-only ad yesterday.  It was a great ad, but I mused that it would have been better aired on media to grab more viewers.

Imagine my surprise today when Mary Burkes campaign rolled out their new ad:

This 30 second spot will appear in the Milwaukee, Madison, La Crosse, and Green Bay media markets.  

It reminds people about Walkers collusion with dark money groups and Wisconsin's plummeting economy.  It hits Walker where it hurts and trounces his "It's Working" meme.  

I love how Walker is referred to as "politician Scott Walker" because it's so incredibly true.  No matter what office Walker gets elected to, his interest is only in self-advancement.  He uses that office to further his political ambitions for higher office.

No surprise, but Wisconsin media is already fluffing Walker up.

You can donate to Mary Burke, Scott Walkers democratic candidate on Act Blue or the Wisconsin Democratic Party here.

Scott Walker has to go.  And he should take his band of Not So Merry Men with him.


Originally posted to Puddytat on Thu Jun 26, 2014 at 01:17 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive and GOTV 2014.

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