Yessiree !! That's the Craigslist ad. Posted Egypt, Turkey, Jordan CL pages.

First non-snarkalicious thing you and your buds need to know is you ain't getting big super-nasty weapons. You get spiffy looking hand-carry firearms and grenades. [Pose. Click. Click. Change pose. Click.] If lucky, you get a sprinkling of 120mm mortars. Left overs from Afghanistan and what you can find in the Anacostia warehouse.

Kerry says there's $500-million and that's that.

Moderate Opposition Mercenary.


HEEERES Kerry !!

The Obama administration requested $500 million—a larger amount than expected—to aid the Syrian opposition, reflecting growing U.S. alarm at the expanding strength of Islamist forces in Syria, who in recent weeks have asserted control of large parts of neighboring Iraq and now pose threats to U.S. allies in the region.

Coming on the heels of a decision to send 300 military advisers to Iraq, the Syrian rebel training elevates the U.S. role in the Middle East. ...However, the expanded U.S. involvement will be on President Barack Obama's terms, by emphasizing the use of partner forces, and not the direct use of American combat forces.

-- WSJ yesterday online

You may have groked that "partner forces" is a fresh coinage. A euphemism for "mercenaries."

Expect to fight sectarian volunteers. You know it's volunteers for the Sunnis, because they murder Infidel Christians such as bishops from the Syrian Orthodox church.

Figure that whatever the recruiter tells you, the pay sucks. Checks will be late. The $500-million is going to get grifted first and second and third by Syrian pals of Ahmed Chalabi.  

Standard Operating Procedure needs be followed. Swiss bank accounts gotta be padded. Craigslist rules do not apply.

Reading these Craigslist ads made a delicious morning chuckle for the iranian military command in Baghdad. A belly laugh for Qassim Suleimani.

General Suleimani is busy today doing for Baghdad what he did for Damascus over the last year and a half.

Iraq's regular army is holding key assets in the Nineveh district. They need robust supply lines. Meanwhile the new command is assembling an enormous force to destroy the invading Sunni bandits.

Drones are in the air with night vision capability and short-range links to field commanders -- every little bit helps.

If you want Syria and the MOMs Brigade contact John Kerry:

That's the Syria desk at State. They can help you out all kinds of ways.

We do not have a number for Major General Suleimani in Baghdad. You want that side of the action, walk right in. They'll post you to a new consolidated militia, part of their Army of God.

Get you an AK right off. Conversion to Shi'ia Islam recommended.

These guys are setting to field 750,000+ soldiers (including 250,000 professionals) to expand out from Baghdad. We haven't seen their CL ads yet. Kossacks'll be the first to know for that one.

These AOG guys do get tanks, artillery, whatever conventional weapons are around.

Damascus By Christmas !!

How's that sound? Beats calling it a Crusade.

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